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El Farasa is a mean beach break with lots of currents, it was named after the king Farouk's stallion which was pulled in and drowned by big waves while he was playing in the beach. The best spot is at the east end of the Maamoura Resort Town.

Cleopatra's beach is a good point break with a smooth rock bottom it is accessible from Montazah castle Resort but it can be dangerous during storms, surfing here is only good on a smooth north west swell.    

Sidi Bishr the whole beach facing the Ramada hotel is good beach break but the sea can get a little choppy here. However this is one of the most consistent spots in Alexandria producing waves from swells coming from almost any directions.


Stanley Bridge no-matter how good this wave looks please do not try to surf it you could get killed and if not when you get out of the water you will be arrested. This amazing point break was created by waste concrete from old construction so there are numerous rebar sticking out of the ground just below the water.

The Library (St. Anthony's) This is one of the best breaks in Alexandria it is a beach break that can produce some of the largest waves in egypt. Beach access is easy but always watch the east current if you get pulled you will have to paddle to Sidi Bishr in order to bet out of the water. without breaking your board on the rocks that run from Ibrahimiya for bout 3km 2miles to the east.

El-Agamy From Blaeiss to Sidi Krier Are unlimited beach breaks with soft white sand beaches and small beach towns   be careful on big stormy days these are open waters with unpredictable conditions when it gets bigger than 6 feet,   1.6m. The most consistent spot is the old world war 2 jetty just in front of the coast guard station on Kafy street   in Bianky, do be careful though there is a steel wreck right on the shore line just beneath the waves.

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Sidi-Krier super blue Mediterranean sea the water just gets clearer the further west you go there are at least 30 different spots between here and marakia. They all pump out great waves some hollow beach breaks right on the shoreline with less than a foot of water so get out of the wave quick to avoid a broken board or eating a sand sandwich.

Marakia this is one of the board riding committee's favorite summer spots it has a nice village there and there is a Hilton hotel right on the beach the waves are consistent very smooth right and lefts these are sandy bottom beaches but this area and further west expect the sand to be patched with its' solid big brother Sand Stone which is a common occurrence from here to Barani and Buqbuq.

Ras Gebiesa the area just west of Sidi Abd El-Rahman has produced some of the biggest and best waves the north coast has ever seen. However access can be restrictive due to the Coast Guard they get worried because surfers are wearing wetsuits and this for them means "scuba diver" which is not allowed without permits, due to the spot being favorite for smugglers. Permission for surfing can be attained at the Coast Guard office facing the British war Memorials, left of the Alamain museum. Usually it is just a verbal permission with the duty officer. The reef bottom on the right and left point breaks is quite shallow and the left point break just east of the Coast Guard station is on some days the longest wave in Egypt "long boarder paradise" but it has to be above 6ft to properly peel across the bay.


Ghazala bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt and is the closest point to the continental shelf which means that just a kilometer off the beach depths can reach over 2000 meters despite this beach facing east this spot gets very large swells from 6ft to 8 8ft deep water waves with a lot of power when this place is going off it is a amazing spot but it is not consistent last year it only pumped about 20 days of waves. Beware rocky bottom in some sections of the wave.

Mersa Baghoush there are several breaks in this area all beach breaks with sand and sand stone bottom. beware though this is a shallow fast and hollow wave when the swell comes from the west.

Cleopatra beach Mersa Matroh several beach breaks plus some right and left point breaks but beware the sandy bottom is patched with sand stone and smooth rock.


Agiba Beach This is our version of surfers paradise a white sand beach that runs for 2 kilometers up to Agiba Cove perfect rights and lefts from 2ft to 10ft. there are also cheap villas and apt for rent right on the beach.

Agiba cove A big mean Egyptian pipeline very shallow and sharp left point break, reef bottom and advanced surfers only just getting to the wave and lining up to catch the wave is a battle this wave does not break under 7ft to 8ft.

Sidi Barani There are no hotels or apartments or much actually just great beach breaks with sandy bottom this area gets more waves than any other because the Libyan Diffa gets hit by the mistral wind coming across the med from the French Alps.

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Buqbuq Beach 12 km past Barani this spot is just like Barani

The area East of Alexandria has potential spots at Abu-Kir, Ras El-Barr, El-Arish and more just waiting to be explored.

Hazards: In the cities watch out for rebar and other construction materials, In Frontier Zones, watch out for the coast guard and make sure you survey the area well before going out. Sharks this area of the med does have sharks; Tiger, Great White & Mako but I have never seen any closer to Alexandria most are west towards Libya anyway never surf during sunrise or sunset surfers are targets of sharks because we look like sea turtles which is like a Big Mac to these guys so I repeat never surf beyond Mersa Matroh at sunrise or at sun set "go fishing." and get out of the water if you are bleeding. If you want to know more about sharks wait on discovery's shark weak it comes twice a year and there is a good documentary on Great Whites in the Mediterranean.

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